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First off, I absolutely love old games. I’m not a fan of many modern games. Yeah, graphics are becoming quite amazing, many have intriguing story lines, as well as the improving aspect of realism… I get all that, and don’t get me wrong, there are still some good games out there. But often times, something is missing. In my opinion, it’s the aspect of child-like imagination.


What made many of the old, classic games so great? The fact that it took you away from the real world, and put you into a fantasy world, where eating mushrooms made you huge, you could fly through space and blast away Easter Island heads that shoot lasers out of their mouths, and you could perform a full flip, 26 times in a single jump. You could run around and jump on goomba heads, then shortly after ask yourself “what’s a goomba, why do they look like muffins, and why am I such a wimp that I DIE from just touching them?”


ANYTHING was possible.


Now, as much as I loved old games, there are many incredibly frustrating memories we all have of them, whether its impossible jumps, pathetic controls, or mind-blowingly awful graphics and sound. Some games were awesome, others were a piece of crap. But all this adds up to the nostalgia of old games. We can and will never forget them, no matter how good or bad, how simple or frustrating they were. So here, I present to you a collection of video game reviews of games and consoles most people can never forget, love em or hate em.  We will particularly be focusing on the third, fourth, and fifth generations of consoles, spanning across the late 80’s to the late 90’s.


Upcoming Review(s): Metal Gear (NES), T2: The Arcade Game (Genesis)


Have a specific game you would like to see reviewed, or have any suggestions on additional ideas for the blog?  Leave a comment in the requests section, or send me an e-mail at contactus@vintagevideogamer.net, and I will try to get something put together.